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I am Dusty Tompkins, creator of Native Content. For 20 years I worked in the financial services industry and the bulk of that time was in a Business Development capacity. Stuck in a corporate bubble I was forced to get creative on how to generate original content to send to prospects while also meeting compliance standards. I learned a lot in those 20 years not just about investments but about how to work my day-to-day as if I were my own business owner. 


I also learned two important things about business in general during my work in business development. First, I learned that business owners need to spend their time doing what they do best. Creating content to send to current clients and having attractive content to lure new clients is not a core component of what you do. You need another party to do that for you so you can get back to your regular life. In the investment industry we call that segmenting your book. 

Secondly, I learned how short people's attention span truly can be. You need a great value proposition yes, but you also need to catch someone's eye quickly. The best way to do that is for your brand (logos, fonts, website) to reflect your personality and your business' culture. You know your personality and culture best, you just need someone to capture and convey it. Not just someone who will create something trendy for the sake of looking relevant, which is important, but your brand and content also needs to reflect YOU. That's the goal here at Native Content.

As for me personally, I have lived in Charlotte my entire life. I have had the distinct privilege of traveling to most of the 50 states and have also traveled to China, Thailand, Germany, Britain, France, and Canada as well. So while I am a native Charlottean, I haven't spent my entire existence hunkered down here. I think that's important for you to know because experiences inform. 

I look forward to working with you and cultivating your brand to meet your needs and express your business, personality, culture, values, and value proposition. 

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