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Take the Generation Human pledge below to add your brand to the growing list of businesses committing to human-to-human-based exchanges, ideas, deliverables, and consulting.

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The Generation Human Pledge is a multi-tiered pledge designed to tell your customers and prospective clients that you are committed to human-to-human business. We at this alliance and you are not standing in opposition of progress and technology, nor the use of technology. We appreciate the advancements humans have been able to make with the manufacturing and use of technology. That being said, the value of a human cannot never be underestimated or devalued. Your life and your work as a sentient human being is important and valuable.

Pledge Part 1.

As owner/decision-maker for your business, you pledge to use only original human-generated ideas for your written creations. This includes all written content on websites you create, blogs you maintain, papers/white papers you publish, articles you write, and any and all other forms of written content generated by your business/entity.

Pledge Part 2.

As owner/decision-maker for your business, you pledge that when acting in a consulting capacity to not use any form of Artificial Intelligence to assist with creating, building, maintaining, and growing yours or another's business. Your business/entity will utilize only original human generated thought and experience based ideas to assist in consulting work with clients and prospective clients. 

Pledge Part 3.

As owner/decision-maker for your business, you pledge that you will reject all new forms of Artificial Intelligence to create, enhance, improve, make more efficient, grow, or otherwise any aspect of your business or others' businesses. Instead only humans, be it yourself the owner/decision-maker, or your employees, will conduct these intellectual driven activities. This does not include third-party fulfillment that may utilize a website or fulfillment with third-party vendors that may not disclose their internal processes.

Sign The Pledge

To join Generation Human fill out the below.

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