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i see this logo on your website,  what is Generation Human?

Generation Human


In today's world, the news, social media, and indeed web construction the hot topic is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Currently AI is somewhat limited in the sense that it cannot "think" on its own. Instead, it scrapes from the vastness of the internet all the information it can gather based on what a human requests the AI system to find. It compiles that information in a surprisingly coherent narrative. This can save a creator of content a ton of time by providing outline information to an AI service and having said service generate website content, entire blogs, and even instructions on how to create and operate your business. It's a little scary, but again to date, as far as we know, AI cannot operate of its own accord and think for itself. It simply is a very enhanced information aggregator. 


So what is Generation Human and why are we prefacing the answer to that question with a brief explanation of AI? GH is a group of businesses that have pledged to not utilize AI in working with you on your content, your website, and especially guidance on how to consult with you on your business, etc. Essentially an Artificial Intelligence free output environment. 

Why is that important? The aligned companies are not opposed to progress or technology but feel strongly that the human touch cannot be replaced in an effort to save time, increase efficiency, and/or perform above ones reasonable capabilities. There is something to be said for humans helping and working with other humans. We, the Generation Human firms, want to start now pledging to our customers and communities to utilize only human output before it becomes necessary or novel. 

Pledge Participants

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